sponsorpay page not loading right.

WmCWmC Experienced MemberRegistered Users 218 Posts
Something weird happening with sponsorpay offer page. Extra support and privacy options multiplying on bottom of screen as I page through credit offers. Most offers available yesterday have vanished. Erratic paging.


  • WmCWmC Experienced Member Registered Users 218 Posts
    Well overnight updates added new sponsorpay interface. New interface drops credit payout to absurdly low levels. Older interface still an option but continues to be erratic.
  • possumpossum New Member Registered Users 38 Posts
    The free video button does nothing now. I was watching video then update came thru and cannot watch video at all....I have tried I bet 50 times
  • WmCWmC Experienced Member Registered Users 218 Posts
    If things don't improve, there are going to be a lot of hunters that will be running out of gold to continue to play.
    I for one will no longer be playing if my only option is to pay real money to buy gold.
  • WmCWmC Experienced Member Registered Users 218 Posts
    New gold credit service on Android called trialpay. Cheaper than dirt with gold credit payouts.
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