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I was sitting here thinking about this...
the multi region rifles cost 2800, the best deal glu offers is 3200 for 100$ (and says this is 60% more free)

so the desperado and r300 alone wouldnt be far from 200$, and there are way more guns, plus upgrades that cost ALOT of gold... someone would have to spend thousands on this game to get all of that (unless they are on android of course)

My thought is that you should add another offer that says pay, lets say 500$, and get everything in the shop including what comes in upcoming updates. ( I dont know about energy and consumable, cause that would hurt the leaderboards)

but seriously, if someone wants to spend that much upfront on this game would you not give them all that?

I also realized that this may not have crossed your minds because there didnt use to be so many weapons, so the maximum someone would have to pay for everything wasnt as high as it is now.

Anyways, I just s****e by with free gold so it doesnt apply to me, but I feel bad for anyone that has spent alot on this game and realized they cant afford to get everything.

Happy Fathers day everyone! lol
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    Do you really think anyone would spend $500 on a game? I couldn't even imagine spending that much money on a game.

    And I would think that people addicted to this game would have most of the weapons anyway and would never even consider spending real money.
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  • DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Senior Member Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    i hope no one spends 500$, but then I hope no one spends 100$ and yet these multiregion guns are almost 100$ a piece, I just dont understand!

    for 100 i think everything should be unlocked, not just one gun! but then, we dont really know, some kids have probably used their parents CC and bought that lol... I just figure that if glu has the 100$ deal someone must buy it, and they are probably the people that dont want to do 30 microtransactions, so they would again choose the best deal eve if it is a bigger buy.

    but yea, personally I havent ever spent money on any game that didnt come with a cd I can resell :)
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  • DjRadNaDDjRadNaD Senior Member Registered Users 1,448 Posts
    how about lifetime membership package, they can download on any device and sign in (i dont know how lol) and get everything in any game in the deer hunter series including dinos!

    that might sell, and I am trying to help glu out, thats why the title on this thread is "idea for glu" not for players lol
    but it would help out any player that is determined to get everything in the game ;)
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  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    Hmm..membershipi package? You might have their interest on that. But it should be for both hunting games like you pointed out. A "hunting license" package. That would get a lot of attentiion. I sure hope Glu reads this thread. I believe a lot more will follow! Good suggestions Dj ! :) T.R
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