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I started the event got to 4th hunt, said I needed some even assault rifle and NOTHING i have the event shotgun, but where is the assault rifle? and GLU has not responded to my answer!!! they say 48 hrs, its been 5 days!!! tired of this ****..I play on FB. event ends in 5 days and I cant move forward without their even assault rifle. Not in weapon shop or anything else. OH, and why do you sday on a support ticket that it will be 48hrs to reply when I have sent you guys 15 tickets and the AVERAGE reply is 5 days...gee that is a little more then 48 hrs or did you mean 48 DAYS????


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    The Event Assault Rifle is in the Weapon Shop in the AR section ALLL the way to the left! Look passed the R1 ARs'!
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