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I looked at the earnings call presentation for Q3 to see what is going on.

According to the presentation, DH2015 is NOT in the pipeline for this year release or 1st half of FY 2015. There is a mention of DH 2016.

This could all be some subterfuge on Glu's part, but it is starting to look like the rumors of the death of DH 2014 are premature.
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  • Muddy001Muddy001 New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    Well i never believed anyone saying DH2014 is coming to an end cos they dont know anything just cos they want it to end doesnt mean it will end soon.
  • casajrcasajr Senior Member Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    There have been reports of a DH 2015, so what people are speculating is true. In addition, the payload of the app is getting very big, which further fuels speculation. No one wants it to end, but to evolve. DH is Glu's 2nd largest money maker (KKH is #1 by far), so they would be stupid to just end it. The players are justifiably anxious as to whether gold and progress can be transferred, so this is a fairly relevant topic as to the future of the game.

    I was surprised about what I read and I don't put 100% confidence in it.
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    Yes they need to do something! The app is taking up a lot of space, and most of us know that a game transfer to a new device is extremely unreliable..almost impossible! I haven't read one success story. Take Sheppeck for example, haven't seen him around lately. He could not transfer to iPhone 6. And all was lost, a total let down.
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  • DeathShadow007DeathShadow007 Advanced Member Registered Users 593 Posts
    I think Sheppeck's inactivity here is due to the fact that he has lost the motivation to keep playing as much as he used to before he lost his data.

    My inactivity is due to the fact that there is no motivation to keep playing as much because of the lack of new content. DH14's HR4 & the Headsman Shredder going on sale for HB have made me play that somewhat more there. I've actually been playing some old GBA games on the GBA4iOS emulator on my phone (didn't update to 8.1). I've also been into GMod somewhat on my PC. When we get new content in Dinos and DH14, you'll see me again. I don't plan on disappearing if that's what you're wondering. ;)
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  • Max SterlingMax Sterling Experienced Member Registered Users 311 Posts
    It's been a bummer to come here over the past 2 weeks and learn that, like myself, mostly everyone else has been inactive, too Thanks for the info casajr. Though none of us know for sure what Glu has planned, we do know that they screwed up so bad that the majority of their longtime, faithful customers who had been playing both Dinos and DH14 more or less everyday for several months, have basically stopped playing entirely. I mean, they shook things up in such a negative way that even after I learned here about the Headsmen Shredder being available for hunter bucks, I still havent opened DH14 and though I was going to participate in the Saw and Ripper events, this debacle has made me wait to see what Glu is going to do next before I spend anymore money with them (thankfully my kids havent noticed the 10,00 Amazon coins I purchased lol) Hopefully today we wil see a weapon series that everyone can participate in and we can get back on track
  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    I hope your right Max, the new event "order of Volgestag" should pop out today or tomorrow. I'll be interested to see what that is about, and how much gold that will run us!
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  • 2fargone2care2fargone2care Experienced Member Registered Users 185 Posts
    I don't think it's that we have all disappeared - we are just watching - waiting for something to inspire us - certainly not what is currently there
  • SheppeckSheppeck Senior Member Registered Users 1,609 Posts
    After I lost all of my progress on DH14 I never started over. And since I don't play the game anymore I don't have anything to contribute to the forum.

    And I also lost interest in Dino Hunters. I found another shooting game that is really fun.
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  • casajrcasajr Senior Member Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    Sorry that you lost interest. Your input was always valuable.
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