Another great GLU game

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Found another great GLU game contract killer. One other game that really tough is kill shot but that's not a GLU game. You're a sniper in that one both are super


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    I play it to. Contract Killer that is
  • todfoxxtodfoxx Senior Member Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    If you are referring to "Contract killer Sniper" they want you to spend money right at the start. It's pushed hard!
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    You are right TF, after you play for a while, you can't upgrade your weapons for the next campaign without having a $hitload of diamonds which are difficult to accumulate. Killshot is much more fun, and not so expensive.
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    Just started Contract Killer: Sniper....same type of currency system...Gold is king, cash is worthless around "power rating 300"...goes to 1440.

    If you're using a touch screen phone I would recommend "Sniper 3D" aka "Snipper Assassin: Shoot to Kill"-cool graphics, maybe a little too realistic for the content, but the fun part is having to tilt your phone to aim. You also have to account for distance and wind speed.
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