Finished Bow Series in Standard 12 - Where is the map piece......

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I have been playing the game since Christmas and this is my first post here. I have enjoyed the game very much and I have been fortunate to come in late where there is already 16 Regions to play on and did not have to feel the pain of losing my progress and starting over. I am playing the game on my iPhone 6 and the graphics are really good.

I have a question about a reward. I completed Hidden Region 4 and finished The Region 12 Cross Bow series. At the end of the Bow Series in Region 12 is says you should get 200+ coins, some rare calls and a map piece. I clicked on the view button for the map piece thinking I had started to unlock the next hidden mystery only to find that the game exited. I restarted I have the coins and the calls but no new map.

I did some searching and since there is not a hidden region 5 yet, when it is released, will I be short one map piece for that region? I also see there is a bow series in Region 13 and it rewards a map piece as well, will I run into the same issue there? Should I have saved the bow series for later? I did not know about the HR 5 not being out until I did some reading on this forum.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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    The two bow series in R12 and R13 were released early for some reason. You cannot complete the one in R13 with the bows you have. Wait for HR5 to be released and it should work itself out.
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    Thanks. I will let that one go for now and see what happens.
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