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Play store had an update for DH 2014, but after downloading it there was no new content. I thought that HR 5 had been added. :( Building cash for what I expect to be the new region on Thursday.
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  • brodeenbrodeen Registered Users 539 Posts
    I got update. Some regions map need to be updated/downloaded and the thanksgiving icon in front page is gone.
    But the last event tab is still there. I think the new region will show up when the special event has been locked.
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  • PZOPZO Registered Users 260 Posts
    I certainly hope so! I got the Playstore update as well
  • brodeenbrodeen Registered Users 539 Posts
    Hopefully after the Winter Sentinel event tab has been locked up ( may be about 22/1) then we can hope a new region show up.
    Device:android 4.2 10.1 Tablet
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