One Month Annivesary in Deer Hunter 2014

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By yesterday I have played the game for one month and cleared all rare hunts, hunting series, bow series, cross bow series in 16 standard regions and 4 hidden regions.

I still have less than 30 bounties to do, but those remaining ones except neck shots and head shots only gave small rewards like 1-5 gold coins. I saw someone already playing HR5 or have collected map pieces for the region, but why Amazon kindle users have not been given such region update?

How long do we have to wait for HR5? I have more than 6000 silver coins remaining after I used some to buy and max out best bows and best crossbows. The max number of silver coins we can collect in all 16 standard regions and 4 hidden regions are about 7000-8000, given that there used to be 5 holiday hunting series. I played holiday hunting series last year so got additional rewards and silver coins too.

However that winter series started this year offered very little rewards, so I do not know if anyone had played them.

In addition, are you still playing for hunter bucks? It's so boring to collect hunter bucks in region 16's contract hunts so I play other regions as well (just for fun). I only have about 10 million hunter bucks remaining after all upgrades of best rifles, short guns, assault rifles, and pistols for region 16 and 17.

By the way if you just play contract hunts in region 16 for 20 hunts per day, that will give you almost 2 million hunter bucks.


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    So what is your question or point????
    Say What??
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    See my questions (red) in the main post.
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    Kindle had to approve updated before you get them, they have a very slow process for doing so. Yes people still do contract hunts for bucks, just to make sure they can blow through the next regions. And i upgraded every gun Aside from some gold upgrades
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    If 100 kindle users ask Amazon to accelerate the approval for this game, they will put it on priority. More users equal more voices and Amazon values customers' comments heavily. You just need to get to the right people to listen to your voice.

    I will continue doing contract hunts, but it's kind of boring thing to do on one region only. I still have less than 30 bounties to do so I am doing the hunts on other regions to collect those easy but lengthy hunts. Unless someone told us that if we see a particular bounty hunt qualification we should intend to not complete the hunt until we finish the bounty. For example hunt for 5 lions with a weapon and just use that weapon to hunt 4 lions over and over until got the bounty completed.

    That seems stupid, but I do not like some easy regions. Let get some harder ones with more rewards, such gold coins.
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    This game has been out long enough now that most people on kindle have accepted the fact that thats just the way it is. It does suck but aside from this update, ever since last September, Amazon had given us most updatesvontime or extremely close to it. For whatever reason, the hidden region updates( for HR2,3 and 4) took longer than any other updates. Almost 2 weeks for one of them(can't remember which) but it will be here, relax
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    I was hoping Monday if Amazon pull their finger out, I really hope it's not two weeks..
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    It's not all Amazon, Glu needs to send them the update first! Then Amazon will approve it, and we'll have it. Sometimes I think Glu forgets about Amazon, because they're a different type of android OS. That's my take on it. But it's bull$hit none the less!
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