Hail to the Presidential-Hunters.

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    I am on the pistol one now. Cool gun to work with for a change of pace. Knocks Quails out of the air with ease.
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    Let me do some hunting, then i'll chop down a tree and write my speeches.
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    On FB all three hunts are available right now (for 296 days!!), but on Ios will have to wait till next week for the 3rd hunt...hmmmm
    Say What??
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    February 13th for kindle 3rd hunt too region 17 AR prize
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    February 13th for kindle 3rd hunt too region 17 AR prize

    The same apply for android.
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    Just bought the Guns for OTO prices; shotgun 89 and pistol 191 or whatever they were. I'm guessing the 3rd will be more, so my question is... For the winter event was there a last chance sale on the 3rd gun? And was it a better price? I haven't been hunting for gold so I'm close to falling under 1k gold now! Thanks... Loving the guns and event :) 191 was already double what I wanted to spend ;)
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