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Tanner96Tanner96 Registered Users 544 Posts
New event just came out. OTO on Mantis Repeater after two hunts, 55% off, 89 gold.
:mad:iPad 4:mad:


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    dave53579dave53579 Banned Users 73 Posts
    wont be playing new event...already have the weapons that they are offering as prizes... sorry..they aint getting anymore of my Gold! If GLU offered GOLD for completing I would re-consider.
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    deer sleigherdeer sleigher Registered Users 317 Posts
    Got the shotgun for 305 oto last hunt in series shot cloverblade once he ran off I thought hunt failed he ran past me about 5 times before going down that was with the maxed out shotgun should of used hollow points!
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    deer sleigherdeer sleigher Registered Users 317 Posts
    Can't miss megamouth last hunt region 4 look for a pink hippo amongst the greys
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    khel03khel03 Registered Users 25 Posts
    Top of the morning to ya, let go of me green clovers. This new event has given green nitro to some of the animals, like lions, lynxes, ibexes, and some others, Lovin this speed upgrade and price reward, keep it up Glu, hope to see more in the future events. Guinness cheers to all my fellow hunters.
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    Lucy DLucy D Registered Users 49 Posts
    NOOOOO! Just played the second hunt in the second part, instead of getting the OTO for the shotgun an ad video started (they are SO annoying all the time anyway), somehow I was directed to the app store, tried going back but the game had to completely re-open...
    No OTO, I missed it. And I only just had enough gold having checked here first before I started the special event (thanks deer sleigher and Tanner96). Now I have to scrabble about for days trying to collect another 100 or so gold to be able to afford the shotgun I need to continue.
    Glu, your videos playing automatically as often as they do are a pain, how on earth is this supposed to make you more money anyway? They just mess up the game.
    What's a girl supposed to do..?
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    deer sleigherdeer sleigher Registered Users 317 Posts
    As event draws to a close prior to region 18 the event weapons will go on sale
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