Standard 4 special event

Does anyone else have a problems with this series. I'm supposed to have a hand gun I think, but when I click on the the spot for the weapon I get,
A <specialist_stpaddy_loc missing> pistol is required.


  • RichardJKRichardJK Registered Users 9 Posts
    Same here and it is day 2 of problems
    Evento del trébol, quiero comprar créditos para adquirir las armas y me dice que no se conecta con el servidor, Que esta pasando?
  • kamoeassociateskamoeassociates Registered Users 4 Posts
    I also get that <specialist_stpaddy_loc missing> for the assault weapon required. I have bought the assault weapon and it acts like it does not even recognize that. My the looks for the coding that comes up, I would say that something is wrong with the programming of that series. Someone should let them know so they can fix it. I would but don't know how to let them know - can't get to a fix ticket they talk about.
  • RooneRoone Registered Users 253 Posts
    Hey all, which devices are these occurring on? Thanks!
  • RichardJKRichardJK Registered Users 9 Posts
    Facebook Deer Hunter 2014
  • VonCarloVonCarlo Registered Users 11 Posts
    Use facebook and the same problem .bought the gun and pistol and it says not got it.2 days now and counting.found a place says contact us.think its a dead end there .also got that same message as larryse got .hope its fix yesterday.
  • Dougie55Dougie55 Registered Users 32 Posts
    On FB, In the new event, I don't even show a pistol. I show one challenge with the A/R, which I already own, but it won't let me use it, and 2 with the new shotgun.
  • kamoeassociateskamoeassociates Registered Users 4 Posts
    I have been hunting for awhile now in standard 4 emerald clover event (or so I thought) trying to win prizes on my pc. My boyfriend just started playing it on his kinddle fire after I told him about the special event. I do not get any hunts where the animals have green hats 0n like my boyfriend does that plays on his kindle fire. I also can't tap and open the three boxes showing the prizes that can be won like he can. I don't believe it even realizes that I am hunting towards that event now and I have played at least 15 hunts in the event - he has played 3. Very disappointing if this is true since the contract hunt standard 4 pays so much less than standard 9 which I am on. What can I do to make sure that I am actually hunting the emerald clover event instead of just a contract hunt in standard 4? And if I am not in that event, how can I get into at this point? For now, back to standard 9!!!
  • Michael BMichael B Registered Users 24 Posts
    Yeah same here, I think that it must be the gun just for that one event. I think its the same gun but different. I bought the shotgun and it would let me do the event, but unlike the phones there was not price reduction which is totally unfair. Further the other platforms have way more in the way of special things they must have forgotten to put on the PC platform. Just not appropriate!
  • DrChaneyMDDrChaneyMD Registered Users 6 Posts
    Yes, I am also on Facebook, Deer Hunter 2014, on my laptop computer. I have also made out a complaint ticket & have not been fixed yet. Please, why do you all do this? & why don't you have a live agent we can talk to who can fix this immediately, like FarmVille used to? CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP?????
  • VonCarloVonCarlo Registered Users 11 Posts
    Any word on a fix ? Is there a mod on,who can shed some light on this problem and a fix of it ?
  • exum1970exum1970 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Facebook. Do you have any idea when the problem will be corrected. Also, region 17 is not loading.
  • tgblairtgblair Registered Users 12 Posts
    check and clear your cache
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