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buckmaster102buckmaster102 Registered Users 16 Posts
I deleted the game reloaded it you have I bug in the update playing on I pad mini with iOS 8.2 download the game again four times still getting no internet connection when I have a good connection so there is a bug in the app update does not like iOS 8.2 going to delte the game again until you get your act together. Didn't try to down load on my phone but going to do that now.


  • casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    You need a data file update. Open game, wait for App Needs to Restart message.
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  • buckmaster102buckmaster102 Registered Users 16 Posts
    OK I will try that but prove one thing it works on my Samsung S4 phone with the same Wifi connection so I was right I will try it on my ipad see what's happens
  • casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    The iOS and Android updates are completely different.. Ignore the internet connection error. You need the data file. It is big, like 200+ MB. I had the same problem on my iOS devices until I got the updated data file. You will need to update all of your maps also.
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  • Roland DeschainRoland Deschain Registered Users 303 Posts
    On my iPad, I recently needed to go to the app store and update the game from there. Having just started out on the iPad, that was a new procedure for me. Then, as you say, each map (and some of my weapons) needed to be updated once I started the game after the app store update.

    My Kindle doesn't work that way, a restart of the game is automatic and it seems to take care of the updates within the game. It says something like, "A game restart is required" or something like that and then it kicks you out of the game. After you restart the game, it downloads the new data and then sometimes some of the maps and weapons need to be updated.

    So yeah, both iOS and the Android-like Kindle also update this game in a completely different manner.
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  • Invasion80Invasion80 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi Guys

    I'm following your posts on this glitch with the iOS update. I'm having the same thing on my iPad too. Could anyone tell me how long you have to keep the app open before the "restart required" appears? I've taken my lock screen off and left it on for 15 min, but still nothing, no "restart" or anything appears.

    Thanks a mil!!
  • casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    Mine showed up within 5 minutes. Make sure you are on a strong WIFI connection.

    Maybe the update servers are busy. KKH may be releasing the new spring line of bracelets and earrings or something like that.
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  • buckmaster102buckmaster102 Registered Users 16 Posts
    Hi had the same thing but working now it took awhile just keep playing the game as you do then you will get the restart it took me a day or so just keep playing will not do restart if your not playing also thanks everyone for your help I am up and running had to start over but I got a lot time on my hands.
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