pistoffpistoff Advanced MemberRegistered Users 865 Posts
Just had a hunt in R18, kill 6 Tahrs. The first three came running across the screen from the left hand side and then nothing. When I scanned across there were three others just standing on the right side of the screen. Even when I shot one the other two just stayed put. Makes them nice and easy to kill when they don't run away!


  • DeenohunterDeenohunter Experienced Member Registered Users 180 Posts
    I had that too. Only happened once so far. It was fun! :D
  • Chris-Old GeezerChris-Old Geezer Experienced Member Registered Users 247 Posts
    I had multiple of the standing Tahr...

    Haven't since last update though

  • blue ridgeblue ridge Experienced Member Registered Users 442 Posts
    I came here to post the same thing. I hope it's repeatable, I need to finish off my neck shot bounty!
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  • saskdeersaskdeer Junior Member Registered Users 50 Posts
    There is another that spawns behind the bush you have to use ir to see it but you can shoot all six on one spot
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