recommand glu for new animal

a3300552a3300552 Registered Users 61 Posts
i hope glu will make new animals for hunt.

example: giraffe kangaroo koala panda dolphin whale shark killer whale snake lizard piranha

so many animal for us to hunt,it is not hard for glu make this animal for us hunt~

that will be more cool and fun~~


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    JgoberynJgoberyn Registered Users 81 Posts
    I can't imagine we'll get many, if any, of these on DH14 but I'd hope some of them might feature in DH16, fingers crossed.
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    casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    I agree. DH2014 has an already limited life and the focus is on developing DH2016, so I would assume the remaining updates will be recycled regions and animals. I do complement the developers for HR6 since that had some unique features. And the Easter event was/is awesome.
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    todfoxxtodfoxx Registered Users 1,933 Posts
    I think DH 2016 will be the same, just a different title. Prove me wrong Glu! This game is now old and out of date, time to give it a proper burial.
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    khel03khel03 Registered Users 25 Posts
    Combine Dino Hunter And Deer Hunter, alternate weapons, animals, regions from both games, u shooting elephants while T-rex taking a stroll in the background, and vice a versa. Obviously, the game is a work of fiction.
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    dave53579dave53579 Banned Users 73 Posts
    bigfoot or the abominable snowman..lochness monster ;) GLU employess so when we get ****ed off LOL seriously I am kidding LOL you could put antlers on their heads how about SCREAMING GOATS with the sound too!!
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