Are there any ostrich hunts planned?

straightshooterstraightshooter Senior MemberenglandRegistered Users 1,231 Posts
I'd like ostrich to be a hunt in the game
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  • JgoberynJgoberyn Junior Member Registered Users 81 Posts
    I suspect region 19 was the last chance for Ostrich hunts, don't think there'll be another African region. I think we'll get one more North American region, and then HR7 before the game ends and is replaced by DH16.
  • straightshooterstraightshooter Senior Member englandRegistered Users 1,231 Posts
    I've enjoyed the elite hunts series not so keen on current outbreak spiders etc seems more Halloween be alright if the two crocs come out of hiding
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  • Bad nannyBad nanny New Member Eastern USRegistered Users 37 Posts
    Speaking of Ostrich, have you ever tried it? It's delicious! A very rich red dark meat, reminds me of lean beef. I was expecting something that tastes like chicken- it doesn't.
  • DeenohunterDeenohunter Experienced Member Poughkeepsie, NYRegistered Users 180 Posts
    It's awesome! :d
  • red devilred devil Junior Member U.S.A.Registered Users 65 Posts
    You would probably need a head shot to kill an Ostrich... Ostriches hide their head in the sand... Much like the Crocodiles hiding in Outbreak before the glitch was fixed... I've eaten Ostrich in New Hope PA and Alligator in the Florida Keys and New Orleans... Did you know that gator tastes like fish, and has white meat and dark meat? Kind of like Bluefish. "Kill 'em and Grill 'em!"
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  • deer sleigherdeer sleigher Experienced Member Registered Users 317 Posts
    I've had wild boar would love to try ostrich now you've described how it tastes
  • Tango_DownTango_Down New Member Registered Users 29 Posts
    I for one would enjoy an ostrich hunt! Never eaten it though...
    Also - didn't like the spiders? I thought the big predator ones were very cool!
    Anyway, one vote for ostrich...
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