Collecting rewards from Independence series.

Johnny_BJohnny_B Registered Users 22 Posts
I was able to collect the first reward but can't get reward 2 silver eagles, animal calls and sports drinks or reward 3, the AR for standard 21. Anyone else having the same problem?

When I opened box 1 it says completed I received those rewards. When I open boxes 2 and 3 it says, you need to complete the series to collect reward.


  • Florida SteveFlorida Steve Registered Users 457 Posts
    I have finished all three series and I can collect the first two rewards but it will not give me the AR for the last box. I am playing on Android 4.4.2, what is your platform?
    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2, Android 5.1.1
  • Johnny_BJohnny_B Registered Users 22 Posts
    I know it's an android, so it's whatever the galaxy note 2 is. I wish I was more knowledgeable in these things.

    I also noticed that it's not animal calls, but they are the batteries in reward number two.
  • KevinMDKevinMD Registered Users 70 Posts
    I have android 4.4.4 and am having the same issue. Was looking forward to trying out the new AR.
  • jj51gdiyjj51gdiy Registered Users 63 Posts
    On a droid 4.4.4 too and no AR never use them but a free one sounded good.Oh well same old MO with glu .Always 98% correct but continually letting someone down.
  • brodeenbrodeen Registered Users 539 Posts
    It was my problem with AR of region 20. I did not get my reward until the end of event season.
    However I glad I still can buy it using HB when the region 20 available.
    Good luck.
    Device:android 4.2 10.1 Tablet
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