Thanks For Moving DH2014 to a "Low Cost" Developer

casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
After 3.5 years of playing this game on 4 different IOS devices, it finally happened.

I got reset to Level 1.

No idea how it happened. I was at R33, shooting the last trophy in the head, sitting with my $20B hunter bucks and suddenly I get this Timer Error on a 4G network and then everything is back to R1.

Surprisingly, I'm not really that upset. I'm back slogging for 10's of bucks, heart shots mean something, no bounties completed. Two things I'm not looking forward to are endless Rare Hunts in the hidden regions and not being able to play the events - not because I don't want to pay for the guns - but because I'm not even able to download the region.

So thanks Glu, your idiots at TenCent f-ed this one up. I guess this is simply a coda to f-ing up Dino Hunter then F-ing up DH2016.

I once had high hopes for this company.
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  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Registered Users 1,247 Posts
    Oh dear, casajr. This is painful. I restarted but that was because i willingly changed devices, not gotten f*@#ed up by Glu incompetence. Commiserations :(
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  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    I was back in region 1, too. The game stopped loading properly so I deleted and then reinstalled it after stupidly assuming the restore purchases button might actually do something. It doesn't do a single thing!

    Going back to my first sentence, I was in region 1, but now I'm not. Game got deleted a second time once I saw the money I'd spent on it wasn't being "restored"!
  • casajrcasajr Registered Users 1,468 Posts
    I am enjoying the low level hunts. I'm up to R4 now and concentrating on the hard bounties like eyes, necks and brains.

    I'm a bit miffed though that the Summer Sleighbell event came out and I can't participate. I even had all of the guns for it.
    Common Sense is an ultra-rare superpower.
  • pistoffpistoff Registered Users 865 Posts
    I couldn't be bothered once I realised they were just keeping the money. I'd bought a few lots of gold over the years to buy some of the special guns, as ads aren't very frequent in the UK and might've restarted had I been able to get the gold back (or the guns I'd spent said gold on). The message you get when you press restore purchases is very cleverly worded and says something along the lines of "any non consumables you have previously purchased have been restored". You can't purchase anything non consumable in this game!
  • brodeenbrodeen Registered Users 539 Posts
    After the last update it seems that some scheme has return back to the old one.
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