Tier up, craft?? Next time my ipad asks for space I am deleting Deer Hunter.

brumbyptbrumbypt New MemberRegistered Users 33 Posts
I don't understand all this new craft and TIER up, I click on all this stuff and nothing happens.

I cant keep playing 41 cos it asks for a new rifle even though I have the Clayton Compact that has more power than the next one.
I don't understand and don't want to learn. I looked forward to new levels coming out each month but not now.

Its too complicated to play.
Next time I need space on my iPad Deer hunter gets deleted.
iPad Pro and iPhone 7 plus


  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member Registered Users 865 Posts
    It does actually work, on the occasions you can find a weapon to apply it to. I've just reached region 30 using a tiered up R27 rifle and it's still going strong. I've got no energy currently, but have a full house of ticks for the first trophy hunt for when I do. I'm using the Rohman Panther and it got a new paint job with every tier upgrade! The upgrades change from level 7 maximum to level 13. I do have a Clayton Compact, too, but the multi billion HB prices mean that it is stuck at level 1 for everything. :(

    Still haven't found a bow or shotgun with the tier facility yet. I don't own any pistols or assault rifles, other than the hand cannon and the pistol from R1, so all those parts are going spare, too...
  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member Registered Users 865 Posts
    My modded gun:


    It only has a single stock upgrade done on it. I'm not sure how going further with those will help, as it is already over 100% stability. Is that even possible?!
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