Ad crashes game

pistoffpistoff Advanced Member865 PostsRegistered Users
Doubt anyone will bother doing anything about it, but the MX3 video ad that can't be stopped always, without fail, causes the game to crash on iOS. What is it even an advert for?!

Also, when I get the free stuff (consumables) adverts it says no videos available when I click to watch.


  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member 865 PostsRegistered Users
    Hidden City ad always, without fail, crashes the app, too.
  • Samer MadbakSamer Madbak Senior Member 1,247 PostsRegistered Users
    Once u r logged in turn wifi and data off and play.
    Playing on LG G4 (Android)
  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member 865 PostsRegistered Users
    Miss out on the freebies then, such as the gold bar I get offered about once every three days!
  • Chris525Chris525 New Member 32 PostsRegistered Users
    I wish glu would just get rid of ads.  Or at least give you an ad free option.
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