St Patty's Event

KevinMDKevinMD Junior MemberRegistered Users 70 Posts
St Patty's event is out for Android. Four events in order to get the AR. Likely need 800 gold for all four events.


  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member Registered Users 865 Posts
    Brilliant! I'd just got my daily and weekly hunts back, had almost finished the weekly one and now this stoopid event that I can't afford to take part in has downloaded and reset them both!! I only had 10 hunts left to do in the weekly and now I have all 80 to do and only 24 hours in which to do them.

  • pistoffpistoff Advanced Member Registered Users 865 Posts
    And they've lowered all the prizes! :mad: :mad:

    Also, the power for the R41 rifles has been increased dramatically. I was hoping the tiered up Clayton Compact would be taking me some way into R42, but I have a feeling it won't be doing that now. If the R42 guns are gold purchases only like the R41 ones this game will be getting deleted. I was only hanging in there because I had gold bars to spend, but they're gone now and I ain't buying any. With every update this game gets worse!
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