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I am hoping to start region 62 in the next day or two. I was going to already be there but on Monday afternoon the game reset itself to the home screen and when I started it back up my 164,000 gold was gone, just read zero. If I watched a video for gold it showed I got it but it never showed up, just zero. I read someplace that if you find and delete the folder glu wallet that when you restart the game it will make a new folder and start communicating with their server and it worked! Now I can use gold pieces to buy and upgrade weapons for region 62 and not use too many hunter bucks. Even though I have a lot it takes more than I have to buy and upgrade weapons.

I am am about to hit one quadrillion hunter bucks, should happen tomorrow so we will see how the game reacts to that level. At 983 trillion right now. 


  • swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 67 Posts
    Region 62 hunts pay around 650 billion per hunt, trophy hunts are one animal with a heart shot. I got to a little over a quadrillion hunter bucks and then bought the base region rifle and bow with a combination of hunter bucks and gold and it set me back with upgrades to just over 500 trillion. Trying to get back up to a quadrillion now.
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