IPhone - Cloud Save Option? (Please)

Hello Game Development Team / Customer Service Dept 

Please add a cloud save option to save the game progress.  Previous customer service response was that game data can’t be moved to a new device. Do you really expect for users to not change/update or buy a new phone? I am a professional in the Logistics Business and need to change my phone every 2 years... and this is a problem for me.

You guys update the game often, please don’t tell me you can’t add a cloud save option... 2 times I had to start from the beginning. Months of game progress lost... Please do tell me it can’t be done.  If you do don’t choose to do that, it’s something else, but please don’t say it’s not possible. 

By the time I reach my previous level, it’s time to upgrade my iPhone... Kindly let me know if this basic problem can be solved. I am a loyal gamer and, and you can confirm from my game in-app purchase history have spent hundreds of real money dollars buying the gold in this game. Do you really think it’s fair to do this to clients like me? 

You often say that we take feedback into consideration and make changes according to gamers requests, and you have done that as I have seen... but it seems you deliberately choose ot to do this one thing... has no one asked for this basic requirement? Also it’s really frustrating to communicate like this, can you please give a contact number so I can call and discuss this for a few minutes? That will be so much easier... it’s taken me a long time to write all this a as I’m not a techy person.

Please give me straight answer why you won’t give this game save option, that is all I ask for... is it because you want us to spent the money again to buy the gold, because that will happen anyway... but who will replace the time spent on 2 years of game progress? It’s getting frustrating to play the same levels over and over as you have to start over. It rarely happens, by this time actually pass my request to management to explain this genuine problem to them.

Again, please give straight answer to my problem. Anyone?...

Thank you 

Loyal Gamer



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    eddietrevinocomedyeddietrevinocomedy Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I recently had this same issue and if it’s not addressed then I will chalk up the $ I spent on a lesson on not purchasing anything glu related.  Horrible customer service 
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    swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 68 Posts
    I know from my experience cloud backup does not work for iOS and it would be a nice feature to have. iTunes encrypted backup does work to move your progress from one device to another.
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    michaeljpmichaeljp Registered Users 36 Posts
    I recently purchased a new iphone 8 . I backed up my iphone 6 to my pc then synced my iphone 8 to it and my game progress was saved ftom the 6 to my new ipjone 8
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    Macy mastiffMacy mastiff Registered Users 1 Posts
    It is totally unheard of these days for a gaming company as large as you guys are to have a game that doesn't have allowing the customers the option to save their data to the cloud, thus allowing you to apply it to other devices. If your dev's can't do it, fire them and and I'll send my 14 year old grandson over for minimum wage to get the job done, or find one who can. These days I don't know of one game, at least the ones I've played, that
    doesn't have the basic function to play the on multiple devices. By the way, it's a great game and always has been, but not allowing it to do the above makes it less so. 

    Macy mastiff 
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