What “standard” gun to buy with gold?

darthcormsdarthcorms Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
Hi everyone. So, I have I got just over 2000 gold and I’m thinking about buying a rifle with gold so my cash can build it. I have just started standard 52, but only have a standard 51 rifle. Now, all the rifles from standard 52-65 are 1600 gold, plus the ones you can buy for cash, and the last rifle is 3200 gold for a standard 65/66. My question is, do I buy the standard 65 Ruger Forstora rifle, knowing the upgrades will be astronomical and probably can’t upgrade for ages, buy a mid way rifle, say standard 60 Weston Limbo, which again I probably would have to save up for ages to upgrade, or buy say a standard 55 Grantham Banshee, which would be much more affordable to upgrade, and once built, can do the next 4 standards(52-55)? I have just over 1.6 trillion in Hunter bucks, so got a bit of a head start on building the rifle I choose, but the standard 52 rifle is 2.6 trillion. The amount of hunts I will have to do just to earn that amount of cash is obscene! Then I have to start again building the thing. Thanks in advance for your comments 👍🏻


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    swanybdsswanybds Registered Users 68 Posts
    I always tried to buy the highest level of gun I could and upgrade it to the max. I would do trophy hunts and intentionally fail it to get the 10 percent payout and move up to the next trophy hunt and do the same thing. I would use gold as much as I could to save on the cash. I don't see movies to watch for gold anymore but when it was there I would use multiple devices to watch movies for gold since gold synced across all devices. It was easy for me to get a 1000 gold pieces a day doing that.
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