Graphics quality options?

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Seems like every other Glu game I've played. none of them have settings for graphics, tho they perform well with slight stuttering anyway.

I have a Xiaomi Mi 4i, on Android 5.0.2, with the Interactive governor, favoring performance by trading a wee bit of battery life. It scored 23000+ on Antutu 6.0 and 36000+ with Performance Mode on. But DH16 still lags like hell, with all the 3D/animated 2D elements littering menu screens.

I get it. DH 2016 is admittedly pretty, but I'd rather turn off the 3D Trophies in the menu, and also disabling some effects for better framerates. This is killing me for CTS. And accidently double-tapping the Back button is just straight up annoying.

Add a graphics setting please? Not everyone's phone is this good.


  • Teddy the EspurrTeddy the Espurr Junior Member Registered Users 51 Posts
    I figured I need to bump this.

    For every Region I advance, the game gets noticeably slower and slower, forcing me to run Perfomance Mode on my phone. The worst part? Random stutters will happen as you fire weapons. I kept missing shots in CTS because of this.

    Is there any way to decrease graphics quality? Please help!
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