Purchased event rifle. Took my stuff but gave no rifle.

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I'm getting VERY frustrated at this point. I worked hard and spent REAL money on gold for energy to compete long enough to get all the legendary event cores and save up the 10k platimun eagles so I could purchase the Sun Savior AR.When I clicked build it took the parts and my 10k, but then 'an error has occurred, please reload'. So, I reloaded. When I returned my parts and 10k were still missing but NO RIFLE in my inventory.I've submitted 4 customer support tickets online AND responded to several emails from Glu. All I keep getting is the generic "we're still working on it" responses. IT'S BEEN OVER A WEEK!!!!! I'd really like my rifle, or the parts and money 10k back, or a refund for all the gold I bought. This is getting ridiculous!


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