JgoberynJgoberyn Junior MemberRegistered Users 81 Posts
`Us long-time Deer Hunters have wanted an Australian region for years, so now that we're gonna get one what animals does everyone want to see?


  • DeenohunterDeenohunter Experienced Member Registered Users 180 Posts
    There better be kangaroos. And koalas. And goannas. Wallabies would be nice too.
  • Sunny ThaiSunny Thai Experienced Member Registered Users 439 Posts
    Ornithorhynchus anatinus
    Drink more beer. :cool:
  • erocazeesonerocazeeson Experienced Member Registered Users 142 Posts
    based on this next region will determine if I delete this game or not ... as stated above we been waiting for this part of the globe since dh2014
    don't **** this up mitchell ...
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