how to slow down the animals

does anyone know if there is a way to slow down the animals.
i am trying to shoot 3 elk with a lung shot and always run out of time


  • Chris-Old GeezerChris-Old Geezer Registered Users 247 Posts
    Austrian ,

    Take a short second to plan the shots......

    Start with the most difficult, and farthest....

    Shoot slow and accurate, just a quick as you can

    Hope that helps,
  • saskdeersaskdeer Registered Users 50 Posts
    Try moving left or right to line up the animals vertically it makes finding them easier
  • triggerhappytriggerhappy Registered Users 159 Posts
    You should be able to get two before they start running. Like Chris said start with the one that has the shortest escape route or go for the two that are closest together. When the third starts running aim for the legs. That will cause it to limp along. Lung shot on an elk is a pretty large target so it should be easy when limping.
  • Duck76Duck76 Registered Users 909 Posts
    Good advice. I hope it helps. Keep asking questions.
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