Glu is getting its act together ????

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We all have had issues with CTS not working like it should but I must say that they have made some steps forward in the last while but there are a few "glitches" that need to be fixed and we all know this takes time to repair and test do that it doesn't effect other parts of the game .

The things I see that still need to be addressed are,

-when the game fails to connect the energy needs to be credited back to the player
- when the game fails to find another player the energy needs to be credited back
- there is still a glitch in certain screens when you reload and centre your weapon on the next target and fire without reaiming the game assumes the trigger button is aiming and firing so it shoots into the right wall of the shooting range
- the hit/mystery miss , this is usually quite evident especially when using a gun with 2x optics but sometimes it can be from hitting a piece of branch that is in front of the target , if we're shooting targets why are the branches and stumps part of the game

That is all for now


  • Teddy the EspurrTeddy the Espurr Junior Member Registered Users 51 Posts
    Good luck there, Glu! Always proud you guys will solve problems for the community. Barely any mobile gaming company did this tbh. ��

    Better fix it ASAP! Can't wait to earn enough Plats for prize weapons.
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