Level 53 takes 102,000 XP's from level 52

Chris-Old GeezerChris-Old Geezer Experienced MemberRegistered Users 247 Posts
Takes over 400 contract hunts....




  • Duck76Duck76 Advanced Member Registered Users 909 Posts
    Takes over 400 contract hunts....



    No, needles are ouch, for you that five days of playing this. I am surprised that you haven't hit max for the next ten regions.
    I will go to bed and not dream of you playing endless DH2016 hunting contracts.
    Now that is ouch. I would rather count sheep.
  • Chris-Old GeezerChris-Old Geezer Experienced Member Registered Users 247 Posts
    I like to count moose and deer tags...

    Preferably able to punch some this fall

    Will road hunt for a moose come September....
    And have standing invite for whitetail in Texas...

    So, guess I'll count one moose, and five deer....

    Over, and over, and over.....

    And needles somehow you get used to, bruising, bleeding, and clumping up

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