What's the wrong with GLU!!!

tanganyangtanganyang New MemberRegistered Users 8 Posts
I play the CTS for fun, not for some competition like Olympics games or professional football!

This losing star system completely ruin the customer experience!!!

Probably only 5% or 10% percent people are enjoying the matches.

Other lose lose lose.

And for the sliver matches, aren't you genious enough? Some match are suitable for full auto attachment, some are not.It is not funny because your stupid system which makes me choose the wrong attachment, because lose one match above level 9 means lose twice!!!

Playing season 2 somehow really make people anger want throw the phone! :mad:


  • Teddy the EspurrTeddy the Espurr Junior Member Registered Users 51 Posts
    Must've been bad matchmaking.

    If there we're a ranking system like CTS, the devs must ensure they lose a rank only if they mess up big time, not being OP'd because you had a pea shooter.

    I never played the S1 Gold Tourneys because of that. And performance issues.
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