Porn and Spam

Duck76Duck76 Advanced MemberRegistered Users 909 Posts
In case you haven't noticed, this forum is about hunting. I like to see what is new in this game.
I am tired of seeing spam about pornography or passport stuff.
Please stop this. Can Glu do anything about this?
Please stay on topic. You may all reply to this by agreeing with it, but I prefer the culprits stop.
Thank you. PS. This applies to DH2014 also and all Glu games.


  • mito88mito88 New Member Registered Users 49 Posts
    prom & sperm for the masses....
  • Sunny ThaiSunny Thai Experienced Member Registered Users 439 Posts
    It's been really bad lately with dozens vs a few and it seems to take Glu Adm days if not weeks to delete. I hit the report button anytime I see them, but I'm not sure anyone is paying attention.

    Get caught with a fake passport and you're toast.
    Drink more beer. :cool:
  • Teddy the EspurrTeddy the Espurr Junior Member Registered Users 51 Posts
    Glad I've been gone for quite awhile to miss out these atrocities.

    For whatever reason they kept on spamming only transexual porn. Sick
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