Confessions of a BOT



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    anyone else think ***** tastes like chicken?
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    Kim0508 wrote: »
    I need help in cts :( I'm always winning every game in bronze tournaments but in silver and gold it's not the same story...
    My enemies get like 3k with each shot but if i'm doing really well i will still win because of how fast i shoot.

    probably they are shooting on fully automatic.
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    I’m sorry Looseman, but I must disagree entirely. Now, most of what you said is true and accurate and very informing for someone who may be knew to this game, but the part of what you said that is just wrong is when you said, “there are no bots and nobody is cheating.” That is absolutely incorrect. Right now for season 57, my Hauer Raider CTS Tournament Pistol currently has a rating of 297 and is fully upgraded: stock, magazine, recoil, accuracy, fire rate, and reload are all fully upgraded. When it comes to attachments, I currently have the following set-up: all three attachments for the Semi-Auto - single fire shot, giant power increase are attached, all five attachments for the Eagle Eye - better zoom and accuracy with a reflex sight are attached, and all five attachments for the Sharpshooter’s Mag - better capacity and stability are attached. I basically have upgraded this gun to his highest capabilities in every aspect. I also have every attachment available for the gun attached to its max capacity as well. Now, I play the bronze tournament literally everyday and most days I can go from the start at Rank 10 and move down to rank 1 in 10-12 tries, but today I’ve used all 15 of my energy and am only on rank 3 because of one guy and one guy only. It’s gotten to the point now that when I see him come up, I just exit out of it and try again. He’s always at rank 1 and his gun also has a rating of 297, like mine. So both of our guns are fully upgraded. Now the way I know he’s cheating is that it doesn’t matter which shooting course we do, but I’ll use the course that starts out with one single target close up that goes away after hitting it 3 times. I’ll hit the bullseye all 3 times and since the multiple hadn’t been built up yet since we just started, I would get maybe 1,500-2,000 points just after that first target (that number may be off - not entirely sure of the actual number - but I’m still using it to make my point), and after the first target goes away, my opponent will already be at 12,000 points in just 3 shots with no multiplier. 

    So yes, there is cheating. I’ve arranged my attachments around literally in every variation possible and still don’t come close to getting a score of 12,000 after hitting one target 3 times with no high multiplier.

    So yeah.
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