"Building All Region's Event Weapon's"

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Hey there...i have a question and id like to hear your opinion on this. Ok so ive been playing this game recently quite a bit actually even though im only on "Region.6" (working on making it to region.7) so about the most recent events..i completed all of the "Easter Event Missions" and since i really needed an "assault rifle" i used my saved up gold to play them by the way not using actual cash$$$ on the game itself anyway..is there a way to unlock a regions 1-50 "Buildable Weapon" for all 3. Available choices??? For ex. "The Assassin Bunny Assault Rifle" i currently got it and would like to build an all region "Scoped Rifle" from regions 1-50 or a "Close Range Shotgun" regions 1-50...etc. would it be possible to obtain 1 of each or no??? Or am i stuck with having the choice of building every "Assault Rifle" from the "Holiday's Events"??? If i choose so..also id really rather not waste my gold on unlocking and purchasing a much needed weapon in "Elite Mode" across some of the "Game Maps" if its only for 1-2 regions i feel like thats just a waste of precious hard earned "Gold Bars" if you can give me some clear answers id really much appreciate it thank's 😜


  • lucabis81lucabis81 Registered Users, Member 26 Posts
    friend don't spend gold so much the rifles last at most two regions ... I am at the level 102 player and I have finished all the hunting, fishing, historical hunting and hunting regions with the dogs and I am about to finish also the underwater fishing .. Spend as little gold as possible
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