Issue with Gems

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Hey There, 
I was in level 5 and found the treasure box a couple days (maybe a week ago). I collected the 5 gems that were inside and continued playing. When my supplies ran out I went to upgrade some of my equipment with the gems only to find all 5 were no longer there. Honestly, I thought it was something I clicked on and thought, oh well bummer.  But when played a few more rounds, I realized that nothing was upgraded. Today, I collected gems from the Daily Buys (3) and another from the daily challenges. So I scrolled through the possible upgrades and decided to play one round of level 6 (15) so I could see what would help me most. When I finished I went back into the upgrades to find the 4 gems I collected had disappeared.  It was the same as the treasure chest gems.  So, I've lost 9 gems that were free from the regular play in just a couple days ... it's kinda making the game more difficult than it needs to be lol! Can you help me out?
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