Can't complete daily quests

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Hey there - BIG fan of the game. So much so that I've already finished all 16 available chapters, made all upgrades, and most stars out there. The last few stars are a bit pesky, so if I see that quest come up in the Daily Goals, I usually shell out the coins/gems to refresh. However today, when refreshing, "earn 3 new stars" I got a new goal of "spend 2 stars." - While I have stars to spend, there is nowhere for me to spend them. I've already made all upgrades available to me, and upgraded the map items that aren't a part of the main quest. Any tips?


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    SuperFlanSuperFlan Registered Users, Administrator, Member 52 Posts
    Hey ahoward14!

    So we're definitely working on this, since we know some players have no more ways to spend their stars. One way to make sure you've spent all your stars (and this may be more helpful for others) is to tap on the map catalog, which is found next to Flo's Closet. You can scroll through all map decorations here!

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