New Zone Suggestion: Creepy Chateau (or Spooky Saloon)

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Background: In Dinner dash 4 Hometown hero, existed a old Expansion Pack called "Seasonal Snack Pack" were we learned about the spooky zone of Dinertown were friendly monsters have make it his home. Also during the dinner dash Mobile app (the first one made it by PlayFirst) they re introduced this Dinner/Hotel with 2 new costumers.

Creepy Chateau (or Spooky Saloon)

-New costumers:

* Daniel (The Werewolf)
"Don't be afraid of his aspect, this werewolve is as friendly as a dog. Seat him closer to the costumers he ask and receive a extra tip"
- "Daniel" will ask been seated close to someone. Example he is waiting in the line but he have a bubble with Rosie image, seat him or assign a room close to her and he will give you a extra tip (hearts or coins)"

* Sebastian (The Vampire)
"A modern anti-blood drinking vampire that can't avoid distract with his charm women's"
- "Sebastian" if is seated closer to a woman, she will stay distracted and can't be attended until you attend first "Sebastian".

* VIP: "Melissa (The Ghost)
"The old owner of Creepy Chateau, friendly with everyone... except for Mr. Big and his goons"
- Melissa will haunt close tables and rooms close to her. Haunted tables or rooms can't be used by Mr. Big or any goons. Seated goons or Mr. Big will be unable to be attended until Melissa leaves.

Story: The Mayor is getting worries by the possible "bad publicity" that keeping the Creepy Chateau will give to Dinnertown in his campaign to promote tourism (and taxes too). Worry by this, Mr. Big takes the opportunity to talk him about his new project, A Big Mall placed exactly there.
Sebastian and Daniel discovering this plan go and beg Flo to help them save their home. But Beatrix isn't going to leave them have that task so easy...


  • lihuigelihuige Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    Hmmm...Interesting! I wish it can be made into this year's Halloween events! :)
    ps(do you know about any new customers in diner dash classic deluxe?I am really interested in knowing them!) o:)
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