How do I use Super Chef?

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I spent 5000 coins on a Super Chef in the Daily Deals section of the game the other day, and I don't see how to activate it! It didn't show up as an option on the level preview screen (where Quick Customers, Fast Flo, and Rainbow Dash show up) and it didn't show up while playing the level (like Order Up!, Cupcakes, Jet Packs). I just figured I'd lost the coins, nbd...but now it's a daily goal. Normally when I click "Go" on the goal, it takes me to the appropriate level or location to satisfy the goal. When I click "Go" on the "Use the Super Chef Boost", nothing happens. I couldn't find any mention of Super Chef when doing a cursory Google search, so can anyone tell me how to use this one? Thanks in advance.


  • EbJayEbJay Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Super Chef is now showing up as a Daily Goal almost every day. Is there no info on this?
  • lullylully Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Same issue for me and the Super Chef. I can’t use it and now I can’t complete my daily goals.
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    The Super Chef boosts is for the food truck, and not everyone has the food truck yet so if you all have Daily Goals requiring you using it, please message Customer Support!
    For people with the food truck, the Super Chef boost acts just like the Auto-Serve boost in Cooking DASH, which automatically adds toppings and serves them to customers!
  • EbJayEbJay Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
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