Some minor suggestions about customers & storylines

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So, in the first place, it's about the goon Lil' Big. I actually find him not annoying at all unlike Beatrix Devon & Flip. To me he's more just like a regular customer. I mean, you can easily control where he will sit down by not collecting coins paid by previous customers. 
Now, here is my suggection: he can teleport to a seat without being the first of the queue. In that way, you will definately need to be more cautious with  collecting payments when he is around. In fact, it is like adding the cutting-in-line feature of Beatrix to him
Secondly, it's about the information about your customers. I think that can be a little bit more explicit, like making a chart about their speed, their patience and their appetite.  In addition, you can make another chart about who they will come with and what service or food they will request in each venue. Sometimes it may get kind of hard to remember for new gamers.
Last but not least, it's about the limited timeline stories. It is kind of sad that new gamers may not be able to enjoy previous events, so I think you can create sometime like a list of previous events they can choose to play from once they have finished the quests of the newest events from the latest updates.
So, that's all. Hope they can help you~ :)


  • lihuigelihuige Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Opps! I forgot about writing down an idea about a new customer that day!
    So, this character likes a lot of the food items on the menu, but he isn't capable enough to eat them all up. Therefore, he will randomly choose a few items that he would like to try. Therefore, it is suggested to wait for him finishing deciding his order before collecting others' orders altogether.
  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior Member Registered Users 181 Posts - Here's a spreadsheet I made on the customers' speed (eating/ordering). Note that the modifier needs to be multiplied with their base time in the Venues and Chapters worksheet to know their respective eat and order time in which venues.
  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior Member Registered Users 181 Posts
    As for which foods a customer orders, it's impossible since in the same chapter they may change their appetite too, especially when a new item is introduced. It's better to just play and learn on the run since the first time you see them order, it's already imprinted/refreshed in your mind.
    For monthly events, they are always rerunning them in one way or another. The Winter 2019 Episode (Winter Wonderland) got a rerun in mid-January this year, Change Of Hart which happened in May got a rerun in July, Summer 2019 Episode (Summer Series/Sizzlin' Summer/Summer Splash) got it items available again in A Big Splash this August. It just depends on when they want to rerun that episode, so please don't worry about it!
    For Lil Big, yep everyone's aware of that, but I think he was meant to cause trouble at the start of the level, when all the tables/rooms are vacant, which works very well on levels with only 1 double room/table. Not really a mid-game or late-game trouble maker like other characters like Flip or Devon Aire.
    For a character who orders random items, I have already suggested bringing back Hal the Hungry Builder especially for this, he will order random foods needing the queue to cook!e
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