Some New Suggestions about Customers... again

lihuigelihuige Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
Well, it just happened to come to me one day. What if, the goons are teaming up going to our venues? Like, Beatrix & Flip coming together just like some promotion art has shown. This group will have both abilities of its components, like in the example I have mentioned, this group will cut in line and they will annoy other customers around.
Here are some ideas for some new goons:
1. A goon that will make other customers forgetful in some way, making them unable to remember their orders. To deal with them, players either need to serve them first to get them out first to reverse the effect or just simply remember customers' orders.
2. A goon that will decolorize any spared tables as long as they are present. When they are around, if you collect the tips on a table, the table will immediately turn grey as the result of the goon's power. If you sit them down while there are spared tables around, all of them will turn grey too.
3. A goon that is being slow on purpose. They are even slower than Norbert!
Here are some ideas for some new special customers:
1. Mr. Hot Shot. An impatient customer who would always keep his cool. There will not be a patience indicator for them, and they will not show any facial expression when they are getting mad. Keep in mind that his smiling might be just covering his anger within! Cupcakes works well with him btw~
2. The VIP: This type of customer is extra impatient, but if they leaves with full heart, they will grant you some extra time or some extra customers in a level!
3. The scientist: They are impatient, but if they leave will full heart, they can grant a temperary boost for 10 seconds, like rainbow match, quick customer or fast flo!
Well, hope you enjoy it!


  • seapearlseapearl Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    It wouldn’t be applicable in this case, having the player remember customers’ orders, as It would require redesigning the game such that the player sends the orders, rather than just taking them. It would also get boring if whilst waiting for the goons’ order tobe ready one cannot do much other than just seat customers, if they can’t order. The decolorizing would be a new interesting concept, but for me it be too frustrating having to recolour tables, the time isn’t enough. Colour matching is a big part that makes the game enjoyable. I like the idea of Mr Hot Shot and the ViP
  • lihuigelihuige Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
    Hey seapearl! In fact, about the goon making others forgetable, it won't be as hard to deal with as you think. When the customers become forgetable, they will still have the same amounts of food tickets when they wish Flo to take their order, but instead of having the image of the food image inside the ticket, a question mark will be present. After the order is taken, the question marks will also take place of food item images. So in a word, you will still be taking the orders instead of sending them yourself. You will just need to remember what they have ordered in the first place. What's more, after playing quite a few levels in one chapter, you should be able to remember the orders of each customers since they never vary. This also means that this goon will only come in later levels of a chapter.
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