Boosts Activated By Default

Scoop_ScoopletonScoop_Scoopleton Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
A few months ago, an update went in that switched boosts to NOT be activated by default (i.e. Quick Customers, Fast Flow, and Color Match are unchecked when you first go to load a level). I was very happy to see this update, as I had accidentally used boosts several times because I was going a bit too fast. In fact, my muscle memory was so used to turning them off that I accidentally used them a few times after the change to have them off by default  :D

A couple days ago I noticed that this had been reverted back to having boosts on again. Very sad for me. I'm hoping you'll consider turning this off again or perhaps creating a setting for players to choose what they prefer.


  • bt808bt808 Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    This is very annoying! Boost should not be activated by default. 
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