Beware: This game Diner Dash Adventures STEALS your GEMS

luvrafa37luvrafa37 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I had over 300 gems that suddenly disappeared this week. I am not happy because I received those gems by buying items under the free offers. I was awarded the gems after I made a purchase under the free offers and now they are gone. I am now out of gems and the Money I spent. I’m an honest person and this is not fair. My gems that I earned and paid for were stolen from me and I contacted support and they refuse to return my gems. Do not trust this game. They take the gems that you earn and won’t give them back. Be aware. I am reporting this game for theft and advising everyone including the developers. I have over 100,000 followers that I am letting them know not to download this game. I spent a lot of money and they throw your loyalty back in your face. 
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