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In Dinner Dash 4 (or earlier) i first see a new kind of costumer in the game, the VIP that in that time was called "Simon Star" he when was close to another costumer that wasn't him he was able to "charm" them to loose patient slower that usual. And with Dinner dash mobile game released in 2015 (under GLU guide) the VIP concept was re-taken and improved with more of them. So i was wondering why don't have some of them with another color to different them (yellow color), here are some suggestions that i i have:

*Simon Star
"The famous actor form many movies and soap operas charm the costumers to make them more patient"
-Charm people around him to be more patient
-He doesn't stand Beatrix, if Beatrix is close to him he don't charm people

*Mayor Prollump
"The current mayor of the city, loves taxes and promote tourism"
-The mayor cuts line for be attended faster
-He seats anywhere, if you leave him too much time waiting he will start a speech that slow down the costumers around him

*Dan Von Dan
-"An experts zoologist and explorer, loves animals and knows how calm them"
-If Dan is close to Flip he makes skunbelle to stop reducing the patient of the costumers

*Al Bondigas
"A Spanish actor that always go with his pet bull, he loves Flo"
-If Al wait too long for being attended, his pet, a Bull, bocks the entrance and stops you from seat in a table/assign a room to other costumers. Attend him faster or give him a cupcake to avoid this.

"The most important critic in Dinertown, her opinion is law everywhere she goes"
-Kaine cuts line.
-She HATE to seat close to any Mr. Big goons or Mr. Big himself, she loses patient faster if she is close to any of them
-If she leaves angry is a game over automatically

*Mr. Big
"The bad guy himself show off to sabotage you at any opportunitie he have. Attend him faster!"
-Mr. Big sabotage a appliance for 5 seconds, making it useless until the timer ends
-The appliances that he can sabotage for example are the drinks machine, spa, disco, the net for fishing, balloon stand, cookies dispenser, donut stand, claw machine, etc.

*Uncle Hugo
"A western gentleman that loves to talk with his familiar Flo anywhere, anytime"
-Uncle Hugo leave any women pass before him
-Uncle Hugo makes a small talk with Flo anytime she goes to attend him

*Weldon Brownie
"The Tv star host of the moment, keep a eye for him appearing in events"
-Like Pepper, he only appears in events

-New event zone: Dinertown Studios
(New event name: The Kaines)
The Dinertown Studios is preparing for the event of the year, the annual delivery of the Kaines, the most important prize that any actor can get in Dinertown, and Flo was selected for her participation in Cooking Dash series, so she attended and see the place wrecked by Beatrix as a revenge for being omitted for her "hard work" in design Villains clothes. So it's up to Flo to restore the Studios to his glory days before the big night!
New event currency: Kaine trophies.


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    Actually I think the color yellow can be saved for later. Having 3 colors is already complex enough for a casual game. They use other mechanisms like the lobster trap, oyster machine, claw game machine to make up for it already. The rest are really cool though, hope they have time to introduce more characters into the game.
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  • SuperFlanSuperFlan Registered Users, Administrator, Member 52 Posts
    Hey Winterbotton,

    These are great suggestions! Plenty of life and character to each customer, and plenty of interesting mechanics. I'll let the team know about this post and pass it on to the right people. Thanks!

  • seapearlseapearl Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    Winterbotton I love your ideas, I would also love it if we could get the legacy games to play
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