Please bring back some old characters & some other suggestions

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OK, this is my first post and I'm a Chinese student , so if there's some English mistakes please don't judge me...
I will be frank that I am not a old player. My first dash game ever was diner dash 2015 and I have just installed it in time before you delete it from the app store, but I was so amazed by your game and became a loyal fan! I also did some research on the original games as well. Here are a few customers that I hope you will bring back:
1. Seymour the Senior
--I know you may think that he is unnecessary to be added as we've already got Dorbert and Norbert, but please don't forget that he is one of the most famous original customers from old dash games! However, you can still make some changes to differ him from the other 2 old men.
--My idea is to make him a generous old fella wearing green clothes(this actually matches his role in Grilling Green)
--He orders as quickly as barb as he already knew the menu items being a regular but eats really slowly as he is both old and wishing to enjoy the food, being opposite to Bernie who orders slowly but eats fast
--Leaves more tips than Norbert but less than Bernie
2. Colin the cellphone addict
--Don't forget him because of that annoying stinky Flip! Don't make him a goon either,please...
--Eats and orders as quickly as Barb
--Makes people near him impatient, but not as much as Flip
--Leaves tips as much as Barb

3.Jo the Jogger
--Won't be affected by Colin, but can be affected by Flip
--The rest is the same as Rosie

4.Lani the Librarian
--Can make Colin quiet, but can't stop Mrs. Stinkerbelle:/
--The rest is like Barb

--PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE make him into the game! I really like him!
--Won't be affected by Colin or Flip; he's too sad to care about that!
--Patient,wears blue clothes
--Orders slow and eats at a normal speed
--Leaves a low tip

(PS:I want to make him the cousin of Agora!and don't make him a goon as he's one of my favourite characters)
--Comes in MADLY, with a patience as low as Beatrix (who comes in with less than half a bar of hearts)
--As impatient as Barb, but much easier to please(like she restores her patience much quicker than other customer, like when you color match her and serve her,etc), wears red clothes
--As quick as Barb
--Leaves a high tip

--The daughter of Barb and Gil,with the same patience and speed of her parents,wears red
--She comes in only to order sweet food! If the drinks are sweet, she will order them;if the snacks are sweet,she will order them;if the main courses(the ones that needs to be sent to the kitchen) are sweet, she will order. In a word, she will order every sweet food in the diner.(Glad she won't be in the snack shop)
--Leaves a high tip

--PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE make her into the game!!!She is another of my favourite customers!
--She orders twice like Minnie, but with some huge differences. When she orders the first time, she will only ask for drinks and snacks.Only after having the appetizer,she will orderthe main course which will be required to be sent to the kitchen.
--She is generous,wears green clothes and eats and orders at a normal speed.
--She won't accept a big table, just like how Max don't accept a small table
--Her tips are as much as Rosie's

And I have an idea for a New Goon!
Aliza: A cute young women who has something up her sleeves
--Because of her appearence, not many people suggest that she is a goon, and that's how she tricked Flo and her friends into helping her. It is already too late when they realize it.
--She is impatient in line but patient in seat, opposite to Devon(At least I think so...)
--She will slow down the customer around her, like how Devon will slow down Flo
--She doesn't color match,like the other goons
--She doesn't order much,just a main course
--Leaves Normal tips

As some one mentioned about VIPs, I advise you to let them wear white clothes, it means they can always get a color match, which is the opposite of goons' dark clothes.

One last suggestion, create a venue that is MR.BIG themed. It's like well Big tricked Flo to work at one of his restuarants, and in this restuarant only the goons' loyalty can be upgraded.

I hope you appreciate my suggetions!Thank you~~~~:)


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    Hi, this is kind of a spoiler and I'm just a player like you but for the next venue, which is a bakery, Cookie might be available as a customer. They will sure to bring back older characters as well so stay tuned!
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    Wowwowwowwowwow!!!!! I love this spoiler! I can't wait for the new update even more!!!(I knew cookie is gonna be a customer! Gladys is one cook that becomes a customer anyway)
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