Something interesting about the new goon Buxton Big

lihuigelihuige Registered Users, Member 20 Posts
So today, I suddenly realized a trivia about Mr Big. He is in fact almost the same as Max! :/
Let's see, they both request a large room/table, they are both impatient customers, and they are even ordering the same things (he orders 2 soft serves in the cruise chapter 16 skillet level, one cotton candy & one jawbreaker in the snack shop chapter 20 skillet level, and one red pop as well as a photo request in the bakery chapter 23 skillet levels, perfectly identical to Max)!
The only few differences is that Big doesn't normally color match, comes in moody and the fact that he can crush a table/room as being a goon.
What do you think of trivia? Let's discuss it in the comments! ;)


  • GreenRivrGreenRivr Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    I think he is not annoying enough tbh. He will just destroy the table which can be repaired in quite a short time. So yeah

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