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ahoward14ahoward14 Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
I think a few different options of daily tasks added to the rotation would be really great! A few suggestions:
Get X number of coins at Y location (currently, this seems to only occur for your most progressed location, and scales upward).
Serve <specific character> N times. This happens sometimes in special events, but I think it could be great in daily quests too.
Serve X dish N times.
Earn X coins from Y dish/character.
Serve customers at each (available) location.
Earn X hearts from <specific character> - could be extra hard if it's from some of the "bad" characters.
For some unique levels, it could have things like "have both <specific character> and <specific character> on the dance floor/in the spa at the same time."
Find <specific character> on the map X times (similar to palentines, they could disappear and reappear across the game screen).

Personally I'd like to see "level up a character using hearts" removed from the daily rotation, mostly because it's sometimes prohibitively  expensive and sometimes I don't have enough gems to complete the daily tasks (e.g. if the last task of the day is to level up a character twice, and my cheapest characters are 8 gems a piece to level up, I'm not going to be able to finish the daily tasks without a purchase). However, I know there are business reasons to keep this one.

Just my two cents!


  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Registered Users 211 Posts
    Hi, I'm just a player like you and actually I think the level up characters task is there to guide us to reach the endgame status. The endgame, which takes a very long time to reach (mine is 9 months of grinding), is worth the effort:
    • You can get all the outfits available for free (from Game of Thorns), complete events with ease once you’ve reached that stage (for example, the last task of the Palentine’s event to collect 450 cards can be done in just enough time left without any grinding: 30 cards from VIP Challenge daily*10 days + 100 from Weekly Delivery and 70 from Game of Thorns = 470 cards).
    • You can buy all future upgrades with just the gems you earn from the game. That’s it, no more doing offers or paying for gems.
    If you have seen my videos on YouTube, I’m really enjoying playing the game at this stage. Daily VIP Challenge is fun and a brain buster sometimes, so it’s not like you will sit there doing nothing at the endgame. This game does not abandon endgame players like other games do, and is actually guiding us to reach it with all the benefits of being at the end.
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  • seapearlseapearl Registered Users, Member 7 Posts
    I also find the level up characters challenge in the daily goals to be annoying since it pops there on daily basis, and like you said gets too expensive. I love all of your suggestions ahoward14
  • Scoop_ScoopletonScoop_Scoopleton Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    I agree with @doantuankhoi that they are likely guiding us toward the end game. I like this feature and agree that for power players the game becomes easier as you progress. I also see the other arguments and think that the suggestions @ahoward14 mentioned are great ideas, I'd love to see a little more variety in the daily tasks.
  • punkysdilemmapunkysdilemma Registered Users 160 Posts
    Oh interesting, I've been avoiding maxing anyone out (most of them are at level 17) because the ten gem cost to level up is annoying when there's always an event coming down the pike that will take 100 gems of upgrades in 5 seconds.  Didn't know there are max level rewards. 
  • Scoop_ScoopletonScoop_Scoopleton Registered Users, Member 17 Posts
    The max level for each character is 20. For many of the characters you get a memento for hitting 20. It's an expensive upgrade (15 gems) but it comes with a diamond piggy that has a random 15 min boost, including the possibility for Gems Galore.
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