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Team Upgrades:

Bronze 1-20=94,600
Silver 21-40=312,500
Gold 41-60=1,075,000
Platinum 61-80= 3,170,000
Diamond 81-84=1,850,000
Diamond 85-100=68.5k gold

Using the multipliers below, you can compute any ratings at level 10 for any tier:

Example: A rating of 112/110 at bronze 1 would  be 410/403 at diamond 10. 

Below are the leveling costs for all bxp players with and without various discounts: 
(note: keepers/ML are shown without any discount)

edit: ML's numbers for gold are incorrect. It's listed with the same numbers as keepers. It should be 5x of regular players.

Below are prime/legends listed with and without discounts:
(note: atgs are listed w/o any discount)

Below are the club leveling charts. The levels shown will take them to the next level. For example, to take a club to silver 1, you need 22,352 gloves. To take a club to plat 1, you need 469,999 gloves.

Skills now require evo to level up.

Skills Info:

1)The same skill can be a tier 2 or a tier 3. Tier 2 skills cap out at 20 whereas tier 3 skills cap out at 30.
2)The tiers of the skills will be indicated by the little triangles around the skill icons and it will also explicitly state it on their player card. For example, the skills on Winker have three little triangles around each of his skills and his card also states 'tier 3.'
3)Each skill will have a different multiplier(listed below). if you go through your list of players, you'll see certain skills will increase more than others for every point you put into it.
4)All players, including keepers/ML, will be grandfathered with tier 2 skills which means that they can go as high as 20/20 on skills.

Skill Multipliers:

Level 1(1% per level): Rhp, Blowouts, Runners On, First Pitch
Level 2(1.1% per level): Lhp, Risp, Late innings, Leadoff
Level 3(1.2% per level): Two outs, Close game

The numbers below represent the amount of loyalty points needed to buy 50 club loyalty boxes at regular price.

Moments Teams/Skills:

As of '22, points-based moments now work similar to the pick'em patches. To be specific, they will boost only the specific players that gets triggered. 

Gear is a set of equipment that can be worn by your created legend('team'/'my legend'/'gear'). When equipped, they will work exactly as described and will help everyone on your team if they fit the criteria. 


VIP - There is only one way to be a VIP and that is to spend more money.  Posting on the forum or any other thing support tells you is not correct.  You must spend enough money and then you will magically become a VIP.  If you go through level 9 and don't become a VIP it is because of free all star tickets you have accumulated.  You need to still spend that money to become a VIP.




Journeys are new in 23.  You collect journey tickets to play different rounds of Journey.  There are round rewards and a larger reward for completing the chapter.  There are 6 chapters currently loosely based on cover athlete Julio Rodriguez.  The different rounds can be WOH, Target Bash, CVC, Payoff Pitch, Bonus Game

Chapter 1 - each round costs 1 ticket, 8 rounds Chapter completion earns 5,250 cash 500 gold & Julio Rodriguez 300

Chapter 2 - each round costs 1 ticket, 8 rounds, Chapter completion earns 7875 cash 1000 gold & Paul Goldschmidt 300

Chapter 3 - each round costs 1 ticket, 8 rounds, Chapter completion earns 10,500 cash 1200 gold & Francisco Lindor 300

Chapter 4 - each round costs 2 tickets, 8 rounds, Chapter completion earns 1575 cash 1300 gold & Corbin Burnes 300

Chapter 5 - each round costs 2 tickets, 10 rounds, Chapter completion earns 21000 cash 1500 gold & Prime 325 Bryce Harper

Chapter 6 - each round costs 3 tickets, 6 rounds, Chapter completion earns 21000 cash 1500 gold

*Along the way you earn 

Champ Tier:

Once you win 1000 games in diamond 6, you'll access Champ Tier and be immediately able to collect champ tier rewards.

Each tier costs 100 coins

You get 2,800 gold for every 400 came cycle


Playoff games are back.  You do not auto advance from tier to tier.  The rewards per tier have also been lowered.  


Moments now have up to 6 slots.  Open 1 extra slot for Club accolade, Medium field pass, and Champions Plus

Draft Picks

They have eliminated draft picks.  You now earn 3 different kinds of boxes instead


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First Multi Event for ‘23. In ‘22, the charts never changed since July, but Global was ALWAYS “last 4 WOH”? Hopefully, this stays the same?

Multi Event ‘23






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