Major PvP Issue

I went from 746 battle points to 456 battle poinrs because I couldn't move in any games... Is there any way I can solve this or am I best off quitting pvp?


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    HenShin hohoHenShin hoho Registered Users 769 Posts
    hey friend no need waste your time to play in PvP they hacker more expert then we though their edit all resist can up to 30,000 and we maximum resistant only low as 9+++ also come with one hit kill we die on the spot this PvP is badass design there are so far only two expert hacker have successful in top two player around the world check this at PvP status icon there you will know there point of winner are far far more then we earn just a little 70+ 200+ or 370 each round you wining so please dame this PvP i already stopped play in PvP mode wasted my time
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