Tournament top 10

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
Seems like its pretty unfair for most players in the tournament since the winner could be obvious cheat of some sort.

I havent player the tournament for a while so im a bit out of it. Instead of the tournament ends at the last minute.
I wonder why cant glu extended the tournament or do a specific invite to players in the top 10.

The invite is a special registion of some sort.. like name, email address, device and some other crap such as time available for play and region they are in. Im sure player accounts are linked to their email addy on the device they are using

After that. glu sends them some sort of information to there emails creates a lobby area and match the fights during a certain time. Fight gets recorded, maybe displayed on youtube on this website.

Now heres the good thing with the registered player details, glu admins can see if the players are cheating or not. If some one with crap weapon doing a one hit kill then its obvious, and they should get the ban hammer
Also we get to watch tournament finals to see how battles turn out.

So after a few weeks it becomes top players are legit. Im sure there will be a few cheaters in the list but it does prevent them from winning the tournament
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