Great Rewards from Boss Rush

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:cool: Rewards from Boss Rush have been updated to make it more worthwhile to play EW 2.
Level 1 = 2000 coins
Level 2 = 10 gems
Level 3 = 15 gems
Level 4 = 20 gems

Now I can revive friends who get killed many times over. This is the first time gems can be earned. TQ to the person who upped the rewards. Now more can be earned to upgrade skills, weapons and armor and more people can enjoy the game and will increase revenue for creators of the game.


  • TicTacTicTac Registered Users 46 Posts
    Thanks Glu this is a great update! We have way more possibilities now!
    Private Message me if you need anything.
  • lauapiklauapik Registered Users 490 Posts
    TicTac wrote: »
    Thanks Glu this is a great update! We have way more possibilities now!

    At last the horse is before the cart. The game will gain popularity and attract more players and therefore more people will buy items with real money and generate more revenue for glu. Even those who cant afford to spend real money will help spread the word about how good the game is to the advantage of glu.

    Unlike Dragon's Lair where the rewards are paltry and mean, Boss Rush gives enough rewards for weak to very strong players. All players should be able to successfully pass Level 1 and 2 and earn enough rewards to whet their appetite for coins and gems for upgrades if they make full use of their reasoning. Level 3 and 4 gives good players a good challenge, but greedy players will lose more than they gain in these two levels.

    Weak players (those who get killed in the 1st wave) can still get good rewards if their strong partner can complete Level 3 and go on Level 4. Stay till your partner is successful or killed without revival. Leave all the fighting to your strong partner if you survive in Level 3 and 4 as you be a hindrance to your friend. Concentrate on your own health with your shield. Be aware of power waves of the bosses as they can kill you coming from the opposite side of the screen.
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