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Here's is my first suggestions in this forum. then let's start.
There must be new updates on Eternity Warriors 2 game.
1 We have to add new stages. Because most of high level players gets bored of the game.
2 This suggestion already proposed. we have to add Partners chat & Player name in multiplayer gameplay. to make it more fun and to understand each other.
3 Add more strong weapons for free. Because there only 1 strong weapon for free. is "Dragons bane".
4 So if we are adding more hard stages. we need to add more levels for skills.
5 we need to make another stage. after finish all stages. and is showing auto after finish all stages. is the boss or something like that. and this suggestion is important. because it's making aim for the game.
Thanks for reading.


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    2. Partner chat is already applied on iOS. I don't know if it's possible to add it on andriod/servers. But it's a good suggestion.
    3. The "Dragon Breaker" is also a great, powerfull and free weapon when fully upgraded and it's one handed.
    Private Message me if you need anything.
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